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Find Homes For Sale In Calgary Faster: Search Calgary Houses For Sale & Surrounding Area Listings


Looking for a the best homes for sale in Calgary?  View all active houses for sale in Calgary with a quick sign up, which will give you full accerss to listings which are updated Hourly - Sign Up For Free Access to MLS Listings.

Alberta Real Estate Group - AREG - is comprised of a small team of dedicated full-time professional Realtors®.

If you are searching for the most up to date houses for sale in Calgary or the surrounding areas - you have found one of the best search tools/websites currently available.  Integrated IDX search technology enables home buyers to access the full MLS database of Calgary and area: houses, condominiums and land. There are many added benefits offered by this easy to use search tool. The site is built on one of the most powerful real estate platforms currently available and allows you to save your favorite homes for sale in Calgary and set 'new listing' alerts based on your selected criteria.

Houses For Sale In Calgary

Our Real Estate listings are updated every hour, ensuring you see the most up to date listings.

Sign up is quick and easy. Once registered, you will receive an automated email from the website and for your convenience, you will be assigned a Realtor® to assist you with your search.  You are under no obligation to respond.  We understand that you may not be planning to view properties immediately and we respect your desire to not be unnecessarily disturbed. You can opt out of notifications at any time, but please note that opting out limits the Real Estate Agent's ability to assist you in your successful search for that perfect property. The Realtor® would not be able to share their extensive knowledge of current market conditions nor would they be able to notify you of properties they have located that match your search criteria.


Using a professional Realtor to help you find and purchase a home is the best decision you'll likely make all year.  

  1. If you are the buyer, the property owner pays the agent commission fees. Professional Realtors® help buyers find their perfect home at no cost to the buyer unless mutually agreed to in a clearly worded contract.   

  2. Working with a professional Real Estate Agent will save you time and money. The buyer receives the valuable benefits of the Realtor's in-depth and current market insights, effective negotiating skills and extensive contract expertise without any cost to the buyer.  Approaching a seller directly can result in your best interests not being protected. A knowledgeable agent can ensure that you do not end up inadvertently purchasing a property that has hidden problems (structural, previous grow-op, builder's or other liens on title, litigation issues). If you lack representation - contracts can be drawn up with the seller's interests primarily being protected with little protection for the buyer.  

  3. Real estate agents are required to carry Errors and Omissions insurance.  Real Estate Agents offer protection to their clients from potential liability or loss via comprehensive insurance coverage administered through the boards and associations governing Real Estate transactions in Alberta.  An 'Offer to Purchase' contract is a complex legal document with legally binding ramifications.  Understanding the required terms and conditions, and ensuring proper execution of all the clauses is paramount to a successful transaction. 


Searching For New Listings:  Using Professional Services

We often use friends and family members as service providers. After all, personal relationships are the basis of much word of mouth marketing. However, your licensed Realtor® is experienced at helping you find a new home in Calgary at a fair market price while making sure you get top dollar for your current home if you are also selling. Remember that the sale or purchase of a home is one of the biggest financial transaction most of us ever engage in. 


A Real Estate Agent isn’t merely a negotiator. Real Estate Agents possess a network of relationships that help you find the right home at the right price or sell quickly for top dollar. They can recommend other experienced professionals that are necessary to a smooth purchase or sale; Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Condo Document Reviewers, Property Inspectors, Stagers. A real estate agent doesn't only provide legal knowledge and professional advice, but also their network of contacts and information sources. 

Knowledge of the Market - How best to Sell your Home or Property

One of the mistakes sellers make when listing their Calgary home for sale is to sign a contract with an agent that simply agrees to list at their desired selling price without researching the current market value of the property and offering a realistic report on a potential value for the listing (Comparative Market Analysis or CMA). A Calgary Real Estate Agent can agree to try to sell your home at your set price, but an experienced Real Estate Agents will also advise you on the right price at which to list your home. Listing your home incorrectly at an over market value can result in your property becoming a 'stale' listing. This can be frustrating for sellers and very stressful.  In the end - the listing price is up to the seller, after all - it's your house.  Making this decision with the advice of a Realtor® who has provided you with market research, statistics and data to support your listing price is the smart way to go.  Remember, a buyer's agent has access to the same statistical information on houses sold comparable to yours and will present that information to any potential buyer.

Informed Calgary Realtors can also use their knowledge of the local housing market to tailor your home’s listings to better compete against others on the market. They know what details will potentially draw people to a specific home in your community.  Knowledge of the local real estate market translates into listings that generate more potential buyers and higher selling prices. Working with experienced and professional agents like Gordon Hoglund will help you sell your home faster and at a higher price.

Calgary Houses For Sale

Knowledge about Real Estate

A professional Real Estate Agent has a significant amount of first-hand knowledge about neighborhoods that can only be gained by 'being there'. A Realtor® familiar with an area can tell you if a community is in an upswing or decreasing in value. There are many factors that can influence the value of homes in a community such as future development plans, re-zoning and past usage of the land.  For example, there have been instances of contaminated soil creating a huge challenge for Calgary houses for sale that result in lower selling prices.  Realtors® can also advise you as to which homes have potentially longer commutes to the downtown core if this is important to you, or if your children will be within a comfortable walk to schools. This information isn’t always available on the MLS, community ratings sites, or discussion boards.

The Real Estate Agents of Alberta Real Estate Group, while not licensed home inspectors, based on their extensive experience - can point out warning signs in a home’s infrastructure that suggest potential concerns like foundation problems, pests, mold and other serious issues.  All these factors must be considered before presenting an offer to the seller when representing a buyer or might need to be remedied before listing the property for sale for a seller. 


There is more involved to marketing a house for sale in Calgary than simply posting the listing to the MLS. The Realtors of Alberta Real Estate Group invest time, money and effort into marketing your home.  They will tailor the marketing of your home to the demographics and interests of those most likely to buy it.  Top Calgary real estate agents do more to market your home.  They have an organized advertising strategy to implement and get your listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible. 

Homes For Sale In Calgary

Should You Select a Realtor Based on Price?

If you select an agent based on who is requesting the lowest commission, there is the potential that they will invest less effort in marketing the home. You need to be clear on what services your listing Realtor® is offering you. Paying a bit more in commissions to get more money for your home or to avoid legal problems because of a poorly worded contract is a worthwhile investment!

Remember - It's not advisable to take the “For Sale by Owner” route in an effort to save money even when it's a hot seller's market. Savvy house buyers and their agents factor the lack of real estate agent commissions into the negotiations when presenting an offer. Without proper access to market implications and counseling from a professional Realtor®, and because the home seller has no experience negotiating - the seller might sell the home for much less than it is worth - even after taking the lack of a real estate commission into account. 



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